Sunday, October 31, 2010

Outfit #83

Pretty petite :)

Hair - TRUTH / Liv / Caramel (NEW!)
Skin & Eyes - ROZENA SKIN ~Blake~ grapefruit and Fragile eye(subscribe gift)
Top - *RibboN*Leopard Sexyonep(for Group gift)
Skirt - Izzie's High Waisted Skirt + Waist Belt brown/beige
Shoes - HouseofFox - [AngynessHeels - NudeLace]
Bag - *COCO*_Gift_Pochette (sling)
Nails - Candy Nail #Birth Stone10 Opal *October (Group gift)


Saturday, October 30, 2010


Givenchy 2010 Fall Collection - Haut Couture
Amazing pieces of art :)

Outfit #82 - Indyra Originals/Truth

Classic Halloween Costume from Indyra Originals & Truth New hair :)

Upper Left:
Outfit - Indyra Originals Costume-First Mate (NEW!)
Hair - TRUTH / Cleo / Hotpink(babyblue) (NEW!)
Skin - TIK TOK / Rita-fair-natural (NEW!)
Bracelets - LaGyo / Triumphi Bracelet / Silver(new subscribe gift)
Shoes - [ Cynful ] BasicFlaties / Pinkish

Upper Right:
Outfit - Indyra Originals Costume-Bastille (NEW!)
Hair - TRUTH / Liv / Orange (NEW!)
Skin - TIK TOK / Rita-deep tan-cl-red (NEW!)
Shoes(in the set) - (nova) ~the sweetest goodbye~set

Bottom Left:
Outfit - Indyra Originals Costume-Mary-Annette (NEW!)
Hair - TRUTH / Tamina / Gem (NEW!)
Skin - Izzie's / Rita-fair-cl-rose (NEW!)
Shoes - *G Field* / Bow Strap Shoes "Kate / Plum (Past Group Gift)

Bottom Right:
Outfit - Indyra Originals Costume-Hotsy-Totsy (NEW!)
Skin - Izzie's - Amber Skin sunkissed smokey red lips (NEW!)
Hair - [e] Say - Blonde 03 (Freebie)
Shoes - Baiastice / PlatBijou / stars

Indyra Originals:

Outfit #81

Hellooo there peeps!
I had a fun & crazy weekdays, what about ya?
Well, this is a rather late post on LeLutka's new Caleb skins, but but but..
TRUTH had the new Drake hair out now! Not forget Baiastice cotton trousers :D
Happy shopping!!

Hair - TRUTH / Drake - fudge (NEW!)
Skin - [LeLutka]-CALEB_SunKissed_Base_Face03 (NEW!)
Pants - Baiastice_Hot Cotton trousers-dark grey (NEW!)

Top - RONSEM* Crash Sweater(hateween hunt)
Necklace - Bomb! / Long Pearls Man
Bag - :SEY Halloween2010~Signature01 (Halloween gift)


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Outfit #80 - Fierce & Izzie

Happy Halloween!
It's Fierce Designs new Halloween Collection & Izzie's new Shape and Skins :)
Check them out for your Halloween party!

Shape - Izzie's / Amber Shape 1 (NEW!)
Skin - Izzie's / Amber Skin sunkissed red lips (NEW!)
Outfit - Fierce**red riding hood avatar (NEW!)

Fierce Designs:

Chatbox closed!

I've closed the cbox chat because there are many anonymous users spamming the chatbox.
I had reopened the comment for my posts, drop me a comment if there is any quiries :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Outfit #79

Goodnight friends i'm off to bed now! :)

Hair - TRUTH / Jackie / Pumpkin (NEW!)
Skin - TIK TOK / Rita-Medium-Lilac (NEW!)
Dress - GATO / Ikea dress (Reopening gift)
Scarf - {theosophy} Auldearn Scarf - Oak/Spine (Season Hunt Leaf)
Shoes - +KiiToS!!+ Engineer shoes (Tea Hunt)
Socks - Modd.G - Trix Sheer Socks Red (Gift)
Nails - Candy Nail #Birth Stone10 Opal *October (Group gift)
Earrings - ruchica gift-pierce-
Bag - =IZUMIYA= Free Sports Bag (Freebie)

Hair - TRUTH / Robyn / Driftwood (NEW!)
Skin - TIK TOK / Rita-Medium-Beige (NEW!)
Top - :NuDoLu: Les petits bonbons bleus (freebie)
Skirt - ROOTS / 00JS10025 (Mini Jeans Skirt/White)
Shoes - Plausible Body / Deck Shoes :: Blue Leather (white laces)
Bangles - =IZUMIYA=Free Flower Bangles
Shades - Kennedy's Snookie Shades (freebie)

Tp Truth:
Tp Tik Tok:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Outfit #78

I really need to sleep now!
It is 3am in the morning & im gonna get scolding soon!!
There is a latest hunt, Tea Hunt, go get the items now! :D

Hair - [LeLutka]-SWIFT hair - SoySauce (NEW!)
Skin - TIK TOK / Lola-Imagination-tan-cl-Barbie

Top - Tokidoki / Knit top (Tea Hunt)
Pants - GATO loves you! x3 (Flower)
Bag - :SEY Halloween2010~Signature01(Halloween gift)
Belt - =Zenith=Brown Leather Belt
Bangles - .:* LOULOU&CO *:. (THOH)
Shoes - Plausible Body / Deck Shoes :; Brown Leather (leather laces)
Necklace - ::Happy Finds:: Tiger Necklace (Red packet hunt)
Poses - (marukin) mixed love (Tea Hunt)
Place: Mijin's place

Tea Hunt:

Ciaos! :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Outfit #77 - Baiastice & Tia

Going to 2am here in Singapore & finally done the reviewing!
Baiastice Men Collection !
It's the new apparel for men wheeeeee! Go go go get them :D
And and and... Tia's new Skybox Black bar available in Gabriel now! :)

[Top Left]
Top - Baiastice_Woolsweater&belt-purple (NEW!)
Shoes - Baiastice_Sportive code / Grey (NEW!)
Pants - Baiastice_Hot Cotton trousers-arsenic blue (NEW!)
[Top Right]
Jacket - Baiastice_Carnaby jacket-red (NEW!)

[Bottom Left]
Top - Baiastice_DuBar shirt-light grey (NEW!)
Pants - Baiastice_Hot Cotton trousers-arsenic blue (NEW!)
Shoes - Baiastice_Sportive code-White (NEW!)

[Bottom Right]
Jacket - Baiastice_Open cardigan-brown (NEW!)
Top - Baiastice_DuBar shirt-black (NEW!)
Pants - Baiastice_Hot Cotton trousers-tobacco (NEW!)
Shoes - Baiastice_Sportive code-Brown (NEW!)

House - **TIA** Skybox_blackbar*Tia (NEW!)


Friday, October 22, 2010

Outfit #76

Summer? Autumn? whatever :D

Hair - TRUTH / Rei / Copper (NEW!)
Jacket - *COCO*_Shirt&Parka_CheckRed (Group Gift)
Top - Slut / Doll Top White (Freebie)
Necklace - Antiques - Necklace Nights of Angels
Bag - [dekade.] -Beach Bag- Summer Edition (Past Summer gift)
Shades - Modd.G Gift - But I'm A Scientist Giant Shades (Freebie)
Skin - TIK TOK / Heather-fair-cl-angel

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Outfit #75

Inspired by StyleScrapbook fashion blogger :)

This is mine:

Hair - TRUTH / Nadine Streaked / Coffee (NEW!)
Coat - R.icielli - DONNA coat /crema (Group Gift)
Top - *COCO*_Gift_TurtleneckSweater (Group Gift)

Shoes - *GF* GroupGift: Short Lace-Up Boots (color modified)
Leggings - (Slow Kitchen) Lace_Knit_tights_BLACK
Bag - I dont know where it got into my invent but there's the designer Damen Gorilla :)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Outfit #74

Indyra Original & Boudior :)
Cute pink lace Sienna Cocktail Gown from Indyra Original &
also sweet Augustine Boots from Coquette Noir boots.
Pairing up with the new Rose Chignon hair from Vita Boudior
giving u a gorgeous yet sweet pinkish feeling :)
Do grab them now Princesses !

Hair - Boudoir / Chignon / Rose Chignon plaitnium + headpiece white lace (NEW!)
Outfit - Indyra Originals / Sienna Cocktail Gown (NEW!)
Shoes - Coquette Noir / Augustine Boots (NEW!)
Hair attachment - TRUTH / Blake (Lower) / Swedish
Skin - Baiastice-Pulchra-peach-make up21 BL + hair
Bangles - Izzie's Golden Pink bangles
Ring(L) - ((Crystal line))*whitedove*ring bigger (Group Gift)
Ring(R) - (Elate!) Sunny Rose Ring (Past Opening Gift)
Earrings - CCD - Grand Opening Gift Earrings
Poses - Agapee Gown set 6 (NEW!)

Indyra Originals :

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Outfit #73 - LeLutka

LELUTKA new Season releases is here with the hottest trend!
Coming your way with the thick cotton Lumber Jacket & baggy Cargo pants.
There are so much more New Releases in store now & check out LeLutka site :)
Not to forget that TRUTH has New Release hair, too!
Go check all them out now! :)

Jacket - [LeLutka]-LUMBERJACK jacket/whoa (NEW!)
Hair - Truth / Bebe / Walnut (NEW!)
Boots - COQUETTE NOIR/ Augustine Sueded Boots (NEW!)
Top - ::GB::Loose Highneck sweater with Gloves / Gray (NEW!)

Skin - [rQ]Tan@TYPE.o3-B.o1
Pants - Ash's Trash / Cherry Skinnies

Hair - [LeLutka] / SAMARA 2.0 hair / Light Blonde (NEW!)
Pants - [LeLutka]-CARGO pants/black (NEW!)
Skin - Izzie's - Amber Skin smokey/cl (15/10/10 Group Gift)
Top - Baiastice / Rahila shirt / bodysuit / White
Eye patch - Baiastice_eye patch diamonds

Bracelet(L) - .HoD. - Fallen Bracelet (15/10/10 Fifty Liden Friday)
Bracelet(R) - Stiletto Moody Box Bracelet v1.14 (Group Gift)
Shoes - HouseofFox - [AngynessHeels - NudeLace]

LeLutka now :
Truth now:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Outfit #72

Busy busy week because I'm taking my driving licsense, hopefully I can pass & get it!
Here is some of the New releases and freebies+groupies, enjoys :D

Skin & Shape - Tik Tok / Rita / Fair-cl-nude (Limited ed only in The Call for Couture Festival)
Jewelleries - ::GB::medaille Series female / Bronze (NEW!)
Dress - MH: "Noyeb" Dress (Group gift)
Bag - [LeLutka]-CADMIO bag (Group gift)
Mini hat - -=IZUMIYA=Free Mini Hat (past freebie)
Leggings - Shampooo / kirakiratorenga (Group gift)
Gloves - [CALYPSO GIANO] ~Pepper~ Diamant Gloves (GROUPGIFT)
Shoes - ** DIRAM ** KYRA Boots - Black

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Outfit #71

It's Autumn Autumn!!
Everyone is wearing wool, cotton, knit outfit now!
Here is the outfits for the girls and boys all NEW:
The cute Blue Wool Sweater from Lurani & cool High-neck Sweater+shirt
comes with 2 types from Gabriel, and and and, TRUTH's new adorable Leighton hair too!
What ya waiting for? Go get them now NOW! (:

Hair - TRUTH / Leighton - mahogany (NEW!)
Outfit - Lurani:BlueWoolSweater (NEW!)
Glasses - Berries Inc. silly goggles ( gift)
Skin - Magika Skin - Darla - Envy (no longer available)
Bow hairband - (fd) Black Bow Headband for Twins hair(Hair fair gift)
Boots - ANEXX_FiveBeltsBoots_Gray_[BOX]
Bag - Fierce** Hide and seek Autumn bag (group gift)
Bangles - Lostwood & CandyNail
Poses - BehaviorBody is Just a Cube (Freebie)

Top - ::GB:: Highneck sweater with shirt / Blue (NEW!)
::GB:: Highneck sweater with shirt / Gray (NEW!)
Hair - so what?++SP hunt hair(Shooting star hunt)
Finger tap - *LP* (freebie)

To Gabriel:
To Lurani: coming soon..

Outfit #70

Ohyes! It's 10-10-10 !
This is the #70 outfit in 10th October 2010!

Hair - TRUTH / Annika / Java Streaked purple (NEW!)
Vest - ::GB::hooded_ vest Female / Black
Skirt - ::GB::Camouflage Skirt / Black
Belt & Accessories - BOMB!
Tattoo - ROOTS
Boots(in the set) - (nova) ~Innocence Lost~set
Shades - LeLutka HYPE shades (past group gift)
Poses - *agapee* free Group gift set5

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Outfit #69

Just gonna have 2 posts for today :)
Enjoys :D

Hair - ""D!va"" Hair "Chiaki" / Amber (7000 group member gift)
Skin - TIK TOK / Juicy / Medium / cl-candy
Dress - Fierce**Florence white
Bangles - Izzie's - Bangles silver black
Rings - ::Gabriel::Achilleus armor ring
HOF MyFavorite Diamond (group gift)
Heels - SHOES- Kalnins Shoes - Conqueror
Poses - GLITTERATI - Breast Cancer Awareness 2010(Free)

Outfit #68 - Fierce Designs

Sorry it's my bad on delaying and delaying the review for Fierce!!
This is Boyfriends Shirt the New release lately from Sally Soleil :)

Fierce**My boyfriends shirt (and panties) white (NEW!)
Fierce**My boyfriends shirt (and panties) black (NEW!)
Fierce**My boyfriends shirt (and panties) pink (NEW!)
Fierce**My boyfriends shirt (and panties) green (NEW!)

Like it and grab it in FIERCE DESIGN now!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Outfit #67 - Boudior

New gorgeous gowns & hair from Boudoir!
Elegant Golden Elizabeth & sexy gothic Fashion Revealed dress
comes with the new release Iren hair!
Be one of the Glamorous now! :D

Hair - Boudoir / Iren Hair / Black (NEW!)
Accessories - ::GB::medaille Series female / Bronze (NEW!)
Dress - Boudoir / Fashion Revealed Dress
Skin - Boudoir / Baroque Skins 3
Heels - Boudoir / Black Shoes
Leggings - //Color.Me.H.O.F [VintageLeggins]

Poses - Izzie's Model Poses

Hair - TRUTH / Allegra / Swedish (NEW!)
Dress - Boudoir / Gold Elisabeth (NEW!)
Heels - {Meghindo's} Rodarte Shoe box ~ Metalic Gold
Skin - Boudoir / Baroque Skins 2
Earrings - CCD / Grand Opening Gift Earrings
Bangles - Izzie's Gold Silver Bangles

Poses - Izzie's Model Poses

To Boudior:

Outfit #66 redQueen

RedQueen new group gift! WHEEEEE!! (((((((((((((:
It's the [rQ]Drift~trueTEAL (HUD included for hat color)
Go get it now before its too late :D

Hair - [rQ] GROUP GIFT~October'10 (NEW!)
Top - ::GB::Loose Highneck sweater with Gloves / Purple (NEW!)

Taxi to redQueen now :

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Outfit #65 - GABRIEL

What's hot here?
GB new releases consist of Loose high neck Sweater & accessories!
Besides, there are Group gifts & 50% sales in store now!
Visit GABRIEL and get it NOW! :))))

Top - ::GB::Loose Highneck sweater with Gloves / Beige (NEW!)
Ring - ::GB:: Achilleus Armor Ring (NEW!)
Hair - TRUTH / Eric - pecan
Pants - DeeTaleZ Pants Men tweed pants grey
Belt - Bomb! - Leather Belt White
Earrings - +grasp+/Cross Pierce/for group(boxed)
Lip - ~EMIIME~ Nail Lip Ring
Poses - Agapee

Top - ::GB::Loose Highneck sweater with Gloves / Black (NEW!)
Ring - ::GB:: Achilleus Armor Ring (NEW!)
Hair - TRUTH / Estelle - pecan (NEW!)
Necklace - ::GB::black bead necklace (Group Gift)
Belly pierce - ::GB:: Achilleus pierce (Group Gift)
Shoes - *COCO*_Gift_FlatAnkleBoots_Black (Group Gift)
Skin - .:::GARAGE:::. Voodoo Doll Hunt
Legging - [ m ] Decadence Leggings Group gift
Poses - Agapee

::GB::Achilleus neclace (NEW!)
::GB::medaille neclace for MEN / Silver (NEW!)
::GB::Achilleus _belt (NEW!)

Taxi to GABRIEL :

Friday, October 1, 2010

Outfit #64

Make Him Over Hunt 4 :)
Again I'm in school just finished the editing LOL!
I didn't went for the MHO hunt but Nikita fride's hunt items attracts me ^^
Here is some of Izzie's clothings, MHO4 Hunt and freebies :D
Oh yes, my first try on Couple and the pose is from Ricielli's Group gift :D

Hair - TRUTH / Tara / Mocha (NEW!)
Top & Scarf - ::GB::Drape shirt(Blue)+::GB::Color Stole (MHO4)
Leggings - Izzie's - Leggings *glam* blue
Pants - RERTY NAXOS / afich bagui BAGGUY (10L sales)
Shades - RERTY NASOX / GLASSES MB (10L sales)
Shoes(comes in the set) - (nova) ~Innocence Lost~set
Poses - *agapee*photo container (MHO4)

Skin, Pierce & Hair - Nikita Fride Designer (MHO4)
Pants - RERTY NAXOS / afich bagui BAGGUY (10L sales)
Hoodie Jacket - RERTY NAXOS / Afich Sweat (10L sales)
Shades - RERTY NASOX / LUNETE (10L sales)
Poses - *agapee*photo container (MHO4)

Pose - R.icielli New Group Gift



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