Monday, November 29, 2010

Outfit #100

Oh No! I realized that my SL's Rez Day & Blog day already passed!!! :(
Well its ok! Hurray for Outfit #100! Whee! :D
Thank you for all the support for the one whole year & i will continue to do better!
Have a nice day friends & enjoy the outfit :)

Hair - TRUTH / Joey Streaked - raven (NEW!)
Jacket - [CheerNo FEMME] Hari Ka Jacket / Slate Gray
Pants & belt - INDI Designs (With Love Hunt)
Skin - *Orage Creation* GALA skin - lips to kiss HP
Shoes - Drakke Designs / Dakota Boot (Past Gift)
Bracelet(L) - Bubblez Design / Gothica Handring Cuff (Group gift)
Lip Pierce - Bubblez Design / Gothica Piercing (Group gift)


Sorry readers on not posting outfits for the past few days.
I will try to review more for ya so stay tune :D
There will be lot of hunts item coming up! :)

Any doubts just leave a comment and i will reply as soon as possible.
Thank you :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lanvin for H&M Auction

Lanvin for H&M Haute Couture looks to bid for charity!
There are so many amazing outfits which presented last week in Lanvin for H&M fashion show.
Other than clothes, there are some beautiful sketches from Alber Elbaz (Lanvin director desinger)!
You can watch this video for more! :D
I don't earn for the advert, i just lent a helping hand to promote because i love H&M :D
Happy biding !

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Outfit #99 - Slut

Pretty cute waist skirt, the Guilty Skirt, & cute clown-faced shirt, Nice Top,
all NEW release from Slut by GS Arun :))
The apparel come with Fatpack of bright color which all the girls love!
What about having a fresh Colorful Xmas in SL? You will be the outstanding one! :D
Let's get them now girlies!! ^^

Top - Slut / Nice Top Sky (NEW!)
Skirt - Slut / Guilty Skirt Plum (NEW!)
Hair - ""D!va"" Hair / "Chisato / Black amber
Scarf - Izzie's Knit Scarf pink (chest)
Skin - MonS /tooth [past Platinum hunt]
Bracelets - MonS June Bracelets (past group gift)
Shades - Berries Inc. silly goggles (gift)
Socks - Emery / Stripe Thigh-High Sock II (past freebie)
Bag - *COCO*_Gift_ClearToteBag-Pink(Group gift)
Belt - fri. - Wide Waist.Belt / Fruit.Punch (past gift)


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Outfit 98

Idk what is wrong with Flickr but luckily i have a photobucket :)

Hair - Urf!Urf! - Gabriella - Coffee
Top - ROOTS / 00C10030 (Pointed Underbust Corset/Black)
Pants - [CheerNo] ListPants (Diamond Mine Hunt)
Accessories - 3636-Jewelry Set Paine-White (freebie)
Skin - Just me / Skin Kelly (FF2)
Shoes - BM Hayley Boots - Zebra (LB)
Belt - *COCO*_gift-belt (group gift)
Nails - MonS / Nails "Gypsy" / Grey

Anyway, H&M's new flgship store in Amsterdam! How great!
And, there will be the very first H&M store coming to Singapore! Wheeee!!! omg!!
Double happiness :D
Here is the video of the Opening H&M store in Amsterdam :D
Credit : Style Scrapbook

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dominic Jones

Sharing with you some really cool jewelery :D
Pictures below showed some jeweleries inspired by reptiles, WOW~

Dominic Jones Jewellery

Outfit #96

Here is the Men freebie street style outfit!
Hope you guys like it :D

Hair - [CheerNo] a.C - STD.GloXhair ZioN [SeamisT]
Bag - MAKNIE**Sling fichu bag/black (LB)
Shirt - ::Maschienenwerk:: caha_Shirt (freebie)
Pants - Orion's OGF Check Pants Purple (NEW!)
Necklace - .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Necklace :: MB :: (past Hunt)
Shoes - J.E.M :3 sneakers black (10L sales)
Wristband - BLITZED / old leather brown (past gift)
I am getting frustrated with the shadow on both Secondlife Viewer 2.3 & Viewer 1.23!
I don't know why i not allow to check Rendering > Framebuffer Objects .
I crashed everything I pressed Ultra high solution on Preference!
Why?!?! I just wanted to check out the cool shadow effect so i can do less Photoshopping :(
The Framebuffer Objects makes me mad seriously!
It is there but I just cannot select it!! :(((((((((((
I need some help and advice!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Outfit #95 - Slut/MonS/Truth

Let's get Glittery Smexy Cute in the coming Winter Season!
Here are the incredible designers,
GS Arun(Slut) /Ekilem Melodie(MonS) / Truth Hawks (Truth),
giving us there latest awesome release! Go grab them now for your sexy nights! :D

[Left to Right]
Dress - Slut / Sugar Dress / Light Blue (NEW!)
Skin - MONS / Denira Skin / Shine MU-Light B-PinkL. tone2 (NEW!)
Hair - \LoQ/ Aysha - Blonde (Freebie)

Dress - Slut / Sugar Dress / Black Pink (NEW!)
skin - MONS / Denira Skin / Shine MU-Black B-RedL. tone2 (NEW!)
Hair - TRUTH / Sonya Streaked / Mocha (NEW!)

Bikini Top - Slut / Baby Bikini Yellow (NEW!)
Biki Bottom - Slut / Baby Bikini Green (NEW!)
Skin - MONS / Denira Skin / Shine MU-Red B-BlossomL. tone2 (NEW!)
Hair - (Posh) ; Gardenia ; Carrot (past freebie)
Sheer top - NADAS

Top - Slut / Doll Top Magenta (NEW!)
Skirt - Slut / Bow Skirt Lollipop (NEW!)
Skin - MONS / Denira Skin / Shine MU-Black B-VioletL. tone2 (NEW!)
Hair - TRUTH / Bonnie / Java (NEW!)
Bra - .:Shush:. Naughty bra special edition USA (past gift)


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Outfit #94

Winter & December is coming !
Snowy snowy day :)))))
Sadly there isn't snowing in my country but i love it! :D
New release arrived from TRUTH & Izzie's Go grab it now for your Xmas party!!!

Top - Izzie's / Norwegian Turtleneck Pullover / Margenta (NEW!)
Tights - Izzie's / Gradient Tights / Pink (NEW!)
Ribbon - Magika // Kawaii Bow (New O-matic Gift)
Hair - TRUTH / Marnie / Fudge
Skin - -MonS- Ales Skin Series / Likit - PinkLip
Ring - -MonS- Ring "Mars" *Purple
Shoes - :::KJ:::Brown-boots (10 min Camp)

Hair - TRUTH / Francesca / Latte (NEW!)
Top - Izzie's / Norwegian Turtleneck Pullover brown/beige (NEW!)
Skin - R.icielli / Tuwa light [DBrown] (Delux Hunt)
Hat - ""D!va"" Group gift fur hat (Group gift)
Shoes - :::KJ:::Brown-boots (Freebie)
Shorts - Emery / Short Horses [Choco] (Freebie)
Socks - Modd.G Gift - Trix Sheer Socks Brown (Freebie)
Belt - =Zenith=White Leather Belt
Gloves - =IZUMIYA= Leather Glove / brown (Freebie)


Exotic designs from
Hello my lovely readers!
I have finally put up the Follower gadget at my side bar!
If you want to be reminded and be the first to check out my happenings,
you can do so by following my blog now! :)

Lovesss ♥♥

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Outfit #93

Mono-color studs with a touch of fantasy :)

Skin - -MonS- Ales Skin Series / Black - RedLip
Hair - Boudoir / Irena / White
Top - //Color.Me.H.O.F [DivaOfTheFuture[Black] (For the Love of Fall hunt)
Nails - MonS / Nails "Gypsy"
Tights - Peqe / Crossed Stitch White(pants)
Dress(modified) - World's End Garden - Requiem pour une s ur perdue
Bracelets - (NSD) Rock'n'Rolla Wrist Strap
Shoes - (nova)
Pose/Stairs - BehaviorBody

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I love the way the image captured and edited and the clothes!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Outfit #92 - J'Adore

J'Adore.. Improving my photoshop skill :D

Hair - TRUTH / David / Caramel (NEW!)
Coat - [LeLutka] Homme (Halloween Gift)
Shirt - Baiastice_Woolsweater&belt-black
Pants - Baiastice_Hot Cotton trousers-dark grey
Shades - ::Maschienenwerk:: Porsche_Sunglasses_black
Shoes - ::Maschienenwerk:: Chucks_Skull_Black

Shoes - Indyra Originals / Augustine Boots / Coquette Noir
Pants - [ Cynful ] TweedyCapris - black
Skin - [rQ]Tan@TYPE.o3-E.o2/w.JEWELS
Sweater - Myself- *GIFT*-Mysef- Wool Coat
Jacket - Baiastice_Carnaby jacket-black
Belt - Bomb! / Leather Belt Black Woman
Hair - Maitreya Green - Caramel
Shades - [LeLutka]-HYPE shades(black) GEMS

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Studs bags from ZARA!

Super pretty shoes from Christian Louboutin! Thumbs up :))

Outfit #91

Two more Review here, loves :)

Hair - TRUTH / Cady / Hotpink (NEW! 11th Nov)
Pants - Orion / Check Pants Blue (NEW!)
Jacket - J.E.M BUWB Red (free! sales now!)
Shoes - amaama+sneaker s (Lucky board)
Tee - [arnadi] - Tshirt Ramones girl
Cap - MAKNI (Hateween Hunt gift)
Skin - Izzie's Amber Skin / Sunkissed

Hair - TRUTH / Mischa / Oasis (NEW! 11th Nov)
Dress - MIEL / Raider Dress / Treacle (Group Gift)
Coat - :::BaLaC:::"Military ModsCourt Red (Gift)
Skin - - Glam Affair - Castalia (Halloween Gift)
Shoes - Peqe / High Keira Cow Print
Bag - Baiastice / Studded & Gems leather bag / silver

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Outfit #90

Hair - TRUTH / Kitty / Night (NEW! 11th Nov)
Dress - Peqe - Snake Skin Dress.
Shoes - J.E.M fashionista shoes grey (10L sales now!)
Skin - R.icielli - TUWA light [DBrows] makeup4 (Delux Hunt)
Earrings - WDB silver square Earring (gift)
Gloves & shaw - ::GB::Fur Store&Gloves (Exclusive Japan fashion week gift)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Outfit #89 - Gabriel

Gabriel new releases for Hommen & Femme ! :D
The new Down vest & Cargo pants are now available in the mainstore!

Outfit - ::GB:: Down_vest_F / Black & ::GB:: Down_vest_F / Brown (NEW!)
Hair - Magika / Rebecca / Wild: Pink (Past gift)
Finger tape - *Linc* Finger Tapes (Dollarbie)
Pierce - [-B-] :Basic Piercings: (DOLLARBIE)
Ncklace - Ruchica / Largecoin necklace (shooting star hunt)
Belly pierce - ::GB:: Achilleus pierce (Group Gift)
Shoes - Sole Sisters Shoes / Autumn Boots / White (NEW! Dollarbie)

Top - ::GB:: Down_vest_MEN / Black & ::GB:: Down_vest_MEN / Brown (NEW!)
Pants - ::GB:: Cargo pants / Brown & ::GB:: Cargo pants / Black (NEW!)
Hair - TRUTH / Liam / Champagne
Skin - [LeLutka]- CALEB_SunKissed_Base_Face02
Belt - ::GB::Achilleus _belt
Accessories - Bomb!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Outfit #88

Inspired by Kim Kardashian :D

Hair - TRUTH / Chantelle / Java (NEW!)
Purse - BAIASTICE / Bow on Hand / Gold (NEW!)
Skin - ROZENA SKIN / ~Jennifer~ / white pearl
Top - Shampooo / furyl blouse / Leopard (Group Gift)
Skirt - Izzie's - High Waisted Skirt + Waist Belt black/white
Shoes - Sole Sister / Monica / Snaker
Accessories - (nova)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Outfit #87

New Truth's Medeline / Orion's Cardigan / Rozena Skin's Jenny!
Yay did a simple review and I'm off to bed now!
Goodnight angels :*

Hair - TRUTH / Madeline / Carob (NEW!)
Cardigan - Orion - Cardigan Gray (NEW!)
Skin & Skin - :: ROZENA SKIN :: / Jennifer / Shiny Peach (NEW!)
Eyes - :: ROZENA SKIN :: twinkle,twinkle EYE / pink melody (NEW!)
Top - Custom iNKZ / Top Trio / Pink (Group Gift)
Scarf - {theosophy} Auldearn Scarf / Copper (Seasons hunt)
Leggings - =IZUMIYA= Leggings / Red (Freebie)
Shoes - Loveme./ Cherryblossom (Tea hunt)
Bag - .::PeppermintBlue::. NewbieAssistancePack (freebie)
Ring - =IZUMIYA= Ribbon Ring / Orange (freebie)
Pose - Agapee (New group gift!)


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Outfit #86 - CheerNo

CheerNo Homme latest collection is here!
CheerNo had released the new collection lately and here is the 2 outfits,
Prince Guigo & Prince Frank :))
Guys grab those amazing outfits from CheerNo now!!

Hair - [CheerNo] Hair YALLI / Dark 3.0N (NEW!)
Outfit - [CheerNo] Prince Guigo (NEW!)
Shoes - [CheerNo FEMME] Johi Boots / Nevada
Skin - [CheerNo] Ollie_Tan_MK1 (Halloween Gift)
Shades - VENENO // Chain Reaction Shades (Freebies)
Piercings - +ROZOREGALIA+ and LOULOU & CO.

Hair - [CheerNo] Hair HERON / Red 8.3B (NEW!)
Hair - [CheerNo] Prince Frank (NEW!)
Skin - [LeLutka]-CALEB_SunKissed_Hair_Face05
Gloves - Paperdoll / LacedGloves / Black
Necklace - ::GB::Achilleus neclace
Wrist band - [LoveSoul] Past gift

Visit CheerNo:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Outfit #85


Gown - World's End Garden / Requiem pour une s ur perdue (Group gift)
Headpiece - World's End Garden / La rose noire de la Reine (Group gift)
Hair - [kik]hair-Kate(gift)
Skin - Glam Affair - Castalia (Halloween Gift)
Tattoo & Nails - ROZENA SKIN / He's murdering the time! Off with his head! (Simply Mad Hunt)

World's End Garden:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Outfit #84

Halloween freebies from LeLutka :)



Let's go on a Fantasy Ride with me


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