Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Outfit #29 redQueen

It's the Latest hair in [redQueen] by Ruth :)
[rQ]Resist is the coolest short hair style with a Black & White striped fedora looking chic!
The hair comes with different packs with the mixed stripes for you to choose.

Hair left - [rQ]Resist~Cherry/Majestic (NEW!)
Hair center - [rQ]Resist~Cherry (NEW!)
Hair right - [rQ]Resist~Cherry/Teal (NEW!)
Outfit - ROOTS/00D10040 (Roped Nurse Dress/White)
Skin - [rQ]Tan@TYPE.o3-B.o3/w.JEWELS

Hair left - [rQ]Resist~Onyx/Dirty (NEW!)
Hair center - [rQ]Resist~Onyx (NEW!)
Hair right - [rQ]Resist~Onyx/Sterling (NEW!)
Outfit - ROOTS/00D10042 (Roped Lace Nurse Dress/Black)
Skin - [rQ]Tan@TYPE.o3-hairBASE-B.o3

So what are you waiting for?? :O
Visit redQueen now!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Outfit #28 Roots

ROOTS New Casual Shirt Out Now!

For this purple one, there is with/without seen through.

Outfit - ROOTS (00T10034)

Outfit - ROOTS (00T100290) [Only seen through]

Outfit - ROOTS (00T10028)

Visit ROOTS Mainstore for more :

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Outfit #27

The sweet and adorable outfit from *T.Whore* :)

Skirt - *T.Whore*- Candie's Skirt Pattern Diamonts Blue (New!)
Top - *T.Whore*- Suck My Top Whore (New!)
Bag - Berries Inc. summer (freebie)
Necklace - Bomb! - Strawberry Set
Legwarmers - Bomb ! - Burbery Legwarmer
Hair - ::{{trico}}::: ribbon dango chan (freebie)
Shoes - [ Cynful ] BasicFlaties - pinkish
Skin - TIK TOK-Leila skin (Group Gift)
Shades - +SPICA+ Chocolate sunglasses (past hunt)
Earrings - "LoQ Hairs" Candy Earring (Group gift)
Bracelet - +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight (past hunt)

Skirt - *T.Whore*- Candie's Skirt Pattern Leo Pink (New!)
Top - *T.Whore*- Tank Top Red (New!)
Legwarmers - Bomb ! - Rasta Legwarmer
Skin - -MonS- "Shy" skin (Geekgasm Hunt)
Hair - -++AY.LinE++ Calla/Cream (Group Gift June)
Earrings - +SPICA+Chocolate earrings (past hunt)
Collar - .+*AA*+. Valentine's tippet A(collar)
Bangles - *DivaLicious* I feel like dancing
Glasses - -NALA-*Heart* (past hunt)
Shoes - +mocha+ - Sweet Twilight (past hunt)
Garter - ~*RunoRuno*~ Spring

Visit *T.Whore* store:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Outfit #26 Roots!

ROOTS made super duper amazing clothes!
It's the new release from ROOTS! thanks to Naida! ;)
The outfits are all so awesome and cooooooooool! Love them lots!
I have wore the outfits and my first attempt to create the similar crazy background XD
Click ROOTSwebsite by the sidebar for more! :D

Outfit - ROOTS/00O10012 (NEW!)
Tattoo - ROOTS/00TT10001 (Tattoo Unisex)
Shoes - ROOTS/00H10009 (Aristocratic Urban Heels)
Skin - Bunny skin (GROUP GIFT)
Hair - Exile Leslie/chocolate caramel (The Dressing Room)
Earrings - +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma* (Hunting 9)
Nails - [ MANDALA]TAKARA BANGLE white/and nails (Rocking Friday)
Bracelets - *BLITZED* spiked bracelet -black (Zombie Popcorn hunt)
Necklace - Mariposa: Love Choker

Outfit - ROOTS/00010001 [Lace, Nipples, Gloves, Hoddie, Tights and Garter Belts]
Tattoo - ROOTS/00TT10001 (Tattoo Unisex)
Shoes - ROOTS/00H10007 (Urban Heels w chain)
Piercing - *AK* Bright facial piercing
Headphones - +RH+ Hand+Head phone
Nails - Candy Nail STUDS LADY'S (Hunting9)
Earrings - +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*PIERCE1 (Hunting9)
Skin - ..:: Adoring Charms::..Tan (MBDH gift)

Go to ROOTS Mainstore now!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Outfit #25

House Of Fox New Release ! !
The latest set is Couture In Black - Black puffy dress coming with a black classic hat.
The new skin which is Lara Makeup 2 and the cute pair of Couture Hoops.

Outfit - HouseofFox :: CoutureInBlack (NEW!)
Earrings - HouseofFox :: CoutureHoops (NEW!)
Skin - HouseofFox :: [Lara - Makeup2 - NoBase] (NEW!)
Shoes - Baiastice_PlatBijou-stars
Eye Patch - Baiastice eye patch diamonds

Grab them now today in HouseOfFox !

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Outfit #24

Summer summer candids for Zenith & new releases from Baiastice :D

Bag - Baiastice_Ikna bags-Grey(NEW!)
Shoes - Baiastice_Camilla shoes White/Black
Top - =Zenith=Bella/Beige
Pants - =Zenith=Black leather Pants2
Belt - =Zenith=Black Leather Belt
Hair - Maitreya Apple - Pitch

Baiastice_Pida bags-Fuchion(NEW!)
Shoes - Baiastice_Camilla shoes_R Lilac/Olive
Outfit - =Zenith=Pink Heart(Group Gift)
Hair - D!va Hair Akane/Rhodolite (Group gift)

Outfit #23

New Baiastice's Berchida outfit & I LOVE OLIVE hairs :)

"I LOVE OLIVE HAIRSTORE is part of the THE FASHION CIRCUS that runs from 19-27 june. We created special item for the event- BLOW HAIR .
Its circus-summer themed hair..something like i swing on the swing in summer evening :).
-it comes in 6 color packages- BLONDE, BROWN,BLACK,RED,WHITE and CANDY COLOR PACK. Each pack is 190L, full color pack is 590L and demos are free."

Outfit - Baiastice_Berchida-azure (NEW!)
Hair - I LOVE OLIVE/Blonde/Blow Hair (NEW! in The Fashion circus)
Jewelery set - Mariposa: Aubade Turquoise
Skin - - Glam Affair - Sofia Carnival skin - 06 (Zombie Popcorn Carnival)

Outfit - Baiastice_Berchida-black (NEW!)
Hair - I LOVE OLIVE/Jet Black/Blow Hair (NEW! in The Fashion circus)
Skin - ::DaRk DoLls::Lolita Skin {Pure}
Necklace - Mariposa: Aubade Crimson
Bangles - Mariposa: Animosity - Silver

Outfit - Baiastice_Berchida-fuchsia (NEW!)
Hair - I LOVE OLIVE/Auburn/Lucy Hair (NEW!)
SKIN-!Imabee: Light - Vivian - Vivian Loves Grass
Bracelet - Mariposa: Jewels: Augmentation - Pink
SHOES- TheHouseOfLondon{Cherry} Zoe Sandals - black
Necklace - ...Scars...Saturn Necklace "Pink"

Outift - Baiastice_Berchida-goldenrod (NEW!)
Hair - I LOVE OLIVE/Platinum/Lucy Hair (NEW!)
SKIN-!Imabee: Pale & Light - Vivan Ate My Golden Watch
Bracelet - Mariposa: Jewels: Augmentation - Pink
Belly pierce - Dons juwel BNHeart lace

Outfit - Baiastice_Berchida-white (NEW!)
Hair - I LOVE OLIVE/Brown/Lucy Hair (NEW!)
Skin - Bunny skin-(Group Gift)
Necklace - ***JW Skin*** (freebie)

Get them now!
Visit the store blog for more at the left side of my page :)

Dazzle :D

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Glam Affair Sofia Skins only in Zombie Pop Corn Carnival!

- Glam Affair -
This is the last update for Glam Affair in Zombie Popcorn Carnival :)
The best and high quality from Glam Affair's Sofia skins only available for carnival so grab it now before u miss them!

Thank you Glam Affair for giving me the chance to review their Super Awesome designs!

Don't know where to get them?
Here is the LM so Visit now!

- Glam Affair -

Stay tune for the last update on all GLAM AFFAIR'S SKINS! :))

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Outfit #22 - Glam Affair (Look 3)

Glam Affair's Mime outfit, Daphne Carnival skin & Carnival Poses !
Sorry i forgot to put the LM! Here it is Zombie Pop Corn Carnival
Get all Glam Affair looks there! :)

Skin - Glam Affair - Daphne Carnival skin - 08
Outfit -Glam Affair - PIERROT Dress

From Left - CarnivaL_Acrobat1, CarnivaL_Acrobat3, CarnivaL_Acrobat2, CarnivaL_Ball Balancer

Monday, June 21, 2010

Outfit #21 - Glam Affair (Look 2)

- Glam Affair -
The Circus never ends XD
Mime and Morena outfit available in Zombie Pop Corn Carnival :)

(Left - Annoyed Sexy Tamer)
Skin - -Glam Affair - Sofia Carnival skin - 06
Outfit - -Glam Affair- Morena
Pose - -Glam Affair- CarnivaL_Tamer

(Right - Mime balls)
Skin - - Glam Affair - Sofia Carnival skin - 02
Outfit - -Glam Affair- Mime Dress
Pose - -Glam Affair- Carnival_Balloon_Tightrope

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Outfit #20 - Glam Affair (Look1)

- Glam Affair -
Candy and Lita outfit together with the skins will be sold in Zombie Pop Corn Carnival :))

Skin - -Glam Affair - Sofia Carnival skin - 05
Glam Affair's Candy coming with 7 colors (above is Ancient Pink)

From left: Azure, Baby Pink, Cream, Green, Kaki & White


Skin - -Glam Affair- Sofia Carnival skin - 03
-Glam Affair- CarnivaL_Swing
Glam Affair's Lita coming with 6 colors (above is Black & Fucsia)

From left: Ancient Pink, Azure, Cream, Fucsia & White

More updates coming soon..!!
Go to - Glam Affair - store in Carnival to get these wonderful outfits now!! :D

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ZombiePopCorn Carnival !


There are many many great designers, builders & creators
from all over SL which participated in this event!
GLAM AFFAIR is participating too!
Let's all come and check it out !

Friday, June 18, 2010

Outfit #19

I personally love this whole outfit very much hehes :))
Bright pretty and fun colors

Hair - TRUTH BoHo - Champagne (NEW!)
Top - Shampooo Check Shirt-RED (Group gift)
Pants- Alexohol Cosmo Dress (JFTG Hunt)
Bag - *Redskull* redskull bag (Freebie)
Belt - ROXXSTAR (DKH 2010)
Nails - [ Love Soul ] Nails*Bloody* (Free gift pack)
Bangles - Mariposa: Animosity Crimson (Freebie)
Socks - #Before Sleep# Jelly Socks

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Outfit #18

Sleek Black !
Got this Kyoot's cool military-like cotton jacket from the limited time sales :)
Super love it love it ! ❤

Top - Kyoot - Deconstructed Socialite
Hair - fri. - Carrie (Summer Sales 75L)
Shades - DEF! Ladyz/Shades/Infinite (lucky chair)
Bag - YUZUYA Hip-Bag
Gloves - {paper.doll} Laced Gloves
Pants -*COCO* Shiny Leggings (Group Gift)
Shoes -*COCO* Flat Ankle Boots (Group Gift)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Outfit #17

Its KIM New Exclusive Design! :)
Also check it out for more here :

Outfit - KIM- Exclusive-Nihara -Black (NEW!)
Hair - TRUTH BoHo (NEW!)
Skin - Envious Creations - Amelie Complete Avi
Shoes - [ Cynful ] BasicFlaties - black (NEW!)
Bangles - Mariposa: Animosity - Silver

Outfit - KIM- Exclusive-Nihara -Pink (NEW!)
Bangles - Mariposa: Jewels: Augmentation - Pink
Shoes - [ Cynful ] BasicFlaties - pinkish (NEW!)
Hair - ZEUS FUU REZ 3/31 LB (lucky board)
Skin - Devil Skin Not Button's skins (dark katz hunt)

Outfit - KIM- Exclusive-Nihara -Cream (NEW!)
Shoes -[ Cynful ] BasicFlaties - chocolate (NEW!)
Skin - *RS* Group Gift Skin
Hair - Magika - Rebecca (Exclusive Gift)

Outfit - KIM- Exclusive-Nihara - Red (NEW!)
Shoes - [ Cynful ] BasicFlaties - redish (NEW!)
Hair - (Posh) ; Vendetta ; Flexi (Vday special)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Outfit #16

Basistice Rahila Shirt/Bodysuit NEW! :))

Outfit - Baiastice_Rahila shirt/bodysuit-white
Hair - ""D!va"" Hair "Akane" (Group gift)
Skin - [Pacadi Jasha] - Group Gift - June! <3

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rocker chic! :D
Damn i love Rocker Chic! My Style :D

Jacket - AOHARU BT RollupRidersJK With Shirt Red
Hair - fri. - Mika (Summer Sales 75L)
Shirt - :::DR::: STAR*Tops set* unisex (Shooting Star Hunt)
Pants - .:A&M:. Holed Legging - Black (Black&Blue Fair'10)
Gloves - {paper.doll} Laced Gloves
Shades - DEF! Ladyz/Shades/Infinite (lucky chair)
Shoes - *COCO*_Gift_FlatAnkleBoots_Black
Bag - YUZUYA Hip-Bag
Headphones - +RH+ Hand+Head phone

Top - .:: MonS ::. RippKnop!-Black (Freebie)
Pants - [ Cynful ] ChrizzpyShort - candy/black (June Special Gift)
Earrings - +ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*PIERCE1 (Hunting9)
Shades - DEF! Ladyz/Shades/Infinite (lucky chair)
Hair - YunA'sHAIR=YH-01-B=LBLIMITED=AshBLACKxP!NK= (Lucky board)
Gloves - {paper.doll} Laced Gloves
Bag - =IZUMIYA= HipBag/Gray
Bangles - (NS) Rock'n'Rolla Wrist Strap
Necklace - =IZUMIYA= Free Key Pendants
Tattoo - !K&L! Angry Kitty Outfit
Shoes - (Gift from a friend)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Outfit #15

Thank you Truth Hawks & Sissy Pessoa to advertise their New Release :)
Here is the New Release! Check it out here! :D

Hair - TRUTH (NEW!)
Pants - Baiastice Saba pants-midnight NEW!
Top - AMERIE - Maid (Hunting 9)
Skin - Magika- Darla - Evening (Not Available)
Nails - [MANDALA]TAKARA BANGLE white/and nails (Rocking Friday)

Outfit - Baiastice Mydra jumpsuit-gold (NEW!)
Hair - TRUTH (NEW!)
Bangles - [MANDALA]TAKARA BANGLE white/and nails (Rocking Friday)
Shoes - HouseofFox - [AngynessHeels - NudeLace]
Skin - TIK TOK-Rene (Group Gift)

Outfit - Baiastice Anna lou-bistre (NEW!)
Hair - TRUTH (NEW!)
Bangles - *Fishy Strawberry* bangles - wood
Shoes - Kalnins Footwear - Fall
Skin - !Imabee: Pale & Light - Vivan Ate My Golden Watch

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Outfit #14 Summer Sale June 4-12

" Sale prices: L$50, L$75, L$100
All single items (clothing, shoes, accessories, hair, furniture—EVERYTHING) will be either tagged with a L$50, L$75, or L$100 price tag. Several items including poses are marked down to L$25. 24.7 Packs are also deeply discounted. "

Hair - fri. - Tatum - Anxious Blonds
Dress - fri. - Spring.Bloom Dress-Bouquet
Hair band - .+*AA*+. Chinese headpiece *MULAN
Necklace - [fairy tail] Locket Pendant (Shooting Star Hunt)
Shoes - Lurani - Cotton Candy Pump (Group Gift)
Bracelets - .:* LOULOU&CO *:. (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)
Skin - :: hsh :: Angels01-1(base) (Lucky Board)

Outfit #13

Its Pretty Dull :)
Rocking Friday, Shooting Star Hunt and Group Gifts :D

Nails- [MANDALA]TAKARA BANGLE white/and nails (Rocking Friday)
Hair - Lotus - MAO-Caramel (Group gift)
Necklace - Ruchica Mainstore -largecoin necklace-silver (Shooting star hunt)
Shoes - TheHouseOfLondon{Cherry}- Zoe Sandals - black
Outfit - Shampooo Border salopette (Shooting star hunt)
Skin - Magika Skin - Day - Glossy (no longer available)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Outfit #12

Its the advert for Lurani :)
"Huge huge sale alot of items are 50l and below! Everything is marked down."
Link for more details:

Dress - Lurani: Dare
Heels - HouseofFox AngynessHeels/Black
Skin - TIK TOK Helena-summer (Group gift)
Earrings - +ROZOREGALIA+ *Gemma*PIERCE1 (Hunting9)
Hair - Exile Adriana/Ginger snap (Group gift hair)
JEWEL-*BoA Creations* Fashion Necklace(Group gift)

Dress - Lurani: Rosette
Shoes - Lurani: Rediaie Shoes
Eyelashes - HouseofFox CoutureLashesII
Hair - Shag La La Love Me (Group gift)
Skin - TIK TOK Rene-spring (Group Gift)


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