Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Outfit #29 redQueen

It's the Latest hair in [redQueen] by Ruth :)
[rQ]Resist is the coolest short hair style with a Black & White striped fedora looking chic!
The hair comes with different packs with the mixed stripes for you to choose.

Hair left - [rQ]Resist~Cherry/Majestic (NEW!)
Hair center - [rQ]Resist~Cherry (NEW!)
Hair right - [rQ]Resist~Cherry/Teal (NEW!)
Outfit - ROOTS/00D10040 (Roped Nurse Dress/White)
Skin - [rQ]Tan@TYPE.o3-B.o3/w.JEWELS

Hair left - [rQ]Resist~Onyx/Dirty (NEW!)
Hair center - [rQ]Resist~Onyx (NEW!)
Hair right - [rQ]Resist~Onyx/Sterling (NEW!)
Outfit - ROOTS/00D10042 (Roped Lace Nurse Dress/Black)
Skin - [rQ]Tan@TYPE.o3-hairBASE-B.o3

So what are you waiting for?? :O
Visit redQueen now!

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