Monday, June 27, 2011

Outfit #148

My late post of the new items which supposedly to be update last week.
Due to my busy days in RL, this post delayed. SORRY :x
Hope you like the Profile photo i took for this post :D

SKIN: MONS / Jita2 Skin series / soft lips / purple eyeliner
HAIR: .: vive nine :. Wang in LoveBite
EARRINGS: MONS / Feather Earring Cream
TEETH: Natural Beauty

SKIN: MONS / Jita2 Skin series / soft lips / green eyeliner
HAIR: Angel / Kelly - Crimson
EARRINGS: MONS / Feather Earring Green

SKIN: MONS / Enna2 Skin / Blossom lips
HAIR: Angel / Victoria - Gold
HEADPIECE: M O N S / Joker Headpiece

SKIN: (Mamboo Chic): Lindsay (group gift)
HAIR: TRUTH / Fiona - Ivory/babyblue streak

SKIN: MONS / Jita3 Skin / Blossom lips
HAIR: TRUTH / Astrid - Carob
EARRINGS: MONS / Feather Earring Blue


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