Monday, July 19, 2010

Outfit #40 TIKTOK

Fabulous Fairies

TIK TOK's New Skins Stella-2 only available in Summer of Love Fair !
Also the New Release of TRUTH hair :)

1st :
Hair - TRUTH / Aradhana / swedish (NEW!)
skin - TIKTOK / Stella-2-Medium-miss you (NEW!)
Outfit - Vita's Boudoir Simply Me... (Gift in Store)
Nails - CaNDy NaiLs Bith Stone / Pearl (June Picks Gift)
Poses - BehaviorBody

2nd :
Hair - TRUTH / Enix Streaked / swedish (NEW!)
Skin - TIKTOK / Stella-2-Light-miss you (NEW!)

3rd :
Hair - TRUTH / Nora / swedish (NEW!)
Skin - TIKTOK / Stella-2-STan-miss you (NEW!)

4th :
Hair - TRUTH / Layla Streaked / swedish
Skin - TIKTOK / Stella-2-Dark-miss you (NEW!)

Top :
TIKTOK / Stella-2-Light-blue
TIKTOK / Stella-2-Medium-cl-green
TIKTOK / Stella-2-STan-summer queen
TIKTOK /Stella-2-Dark-cl-freckles

All skins from TikTok only available in Summer of Love Fair.
TP there now:

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