Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lita VS Rita

When i first saw Vive9's Rita boots in sl, i was thinking that i saw it before in RL.
I seen many real life fashion bloggers wearing the boots.
And so i found out that it's Jeffery Campbell's Lita boots which is the same as Vive9's Rita boots!
Sadly i couldn't blog for Vive9 because their blogger list is full :(

Jeffery Campbell's Lita Boots:

Vive9's Rita Boots:


  1. Those boots are stunning and everytime I see them on RL blogs I want some for myself. :P
    Unfortunately I am not a heels person in RL and cant afford them either... so I'm happy someone made them in SL.

  2. I am sure the original designer would LOVE to see his designs being raped and brought into SL for profit.. Nice work VIVE9 -


  3. Steffy: yeah i agree with you :) sadly i can't afford them :(
    Anonymous: Oh no. Vive9's is pretty too.


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